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Bransdale Ave, Royton, Oldham OL2 5TX, UK

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Red Cricket Ball

About Us

General Committee

President - Ian Atkinson

Chairman - Guy Sedgwick

​Vice Chairman - *Vacant*

Treasurer - Bernard Wade

Secretary - Robert Jackson

Membership Secretary - *Vacant*

Child Welfare Officer - Darren Marsh

Other members:

Jason Watson, Peter Wilson, Nick Fawcett, Darren Morgan, Darren Gibbons, Bryan Lawton, Lily Greaves, Graeme Gaffney, Liam Jump

Past Presidents

S Boyes, J Holder, N Crompton, N Hopwood, A Taylor, P Wilson, D Hughes, T Spence, J Milnes, B Stafford, R Jackson

Past Chairmen
G Lees, N Tench, R Jackson, K Barnes, T Spence, B Wade, B Stafford, J Young

Vice Presidents
J Bamforth, K Barnes, P Brierley, J Cosgrove, G Horton, R Jackson, C Kelly, O Lees, G Lees, H Lloyd, J Mason, J Milnes, G Parkinson, 

Joan Punchard, T Spence, N Tench, W Turner, C Ward, P Wilson, M Wrigley, J Young, B Stafford

Honorary Life Members
Mr W Barratt, Mr W Jackson, Mrs J Jackson, Mr G Lees, Mrs O Lees, Mrs J Punchard, Miss G Smith

Life Members
A Abbott, A Ashton, Alwyn Ashton, D Ashton, P Ashton, A Astley, S Astley, I Atkinson, S Boyes, Y Chadderton, D Cooper, M England, P England, E Gartside,   J Gartside, P Gartside, B Gledhill, K Gledhill, C Greenwood, A Hey, D Hill, M Hodson, J Holder, G Horton, SJ.Hurst, R Jackson, B Jenkinson, L Lambert, A Johnson, M Kennedy, S Kenworthy, G Lees, B Lloyd, J McCall, I McGeary,

I Marland, M Mellor, A Owen, G Parkinson, R Pertoldi, J Pertoldi, L Procter, A Punchard, J Punchard, D Rawstron, J Royales, P Royales, I Royales, A Shaw, 

R Shaw, T Spence, C Stanney, G Stanley, S Taylor, N Tench, P Titman, A Wade, B Wade, S Wade, M Ward, J Whitworth, T Williamson, B Wood, D Wrigley, K Wrigley, W Youlden